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    Saturday night!!! SELFIE (en American Droostore)

    Saturday night!!! SELFIE (en American Droostore)

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    "Wake me up when it’s all over"
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    Is it hard shooting Supernatural? x

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    "When I see this, I see Lydia looking at Malia, the new girl being shown the school, and remembering a certain other new girl on her first day. I see her remembering the first time she saw Allison in the corridor, the first time she talked to her, about a jacket of all things! How trivial that must seem now. How Lydia shallowly proclaimed Allison to be her ‘New Best Friend’, as though she had any idea what it meant to have a best friend. A real one. Someone that wasn’t just a best friend, but a sister. Someone who she went through fire with, someone who was her sister in arms. Someone who held her hand as she went to a loft to meet the man who attacked her before she knew any of this. The same man who had killed Allison’s aunt in front of her very eyes. Yet despite that, The Hunter and The Banshee stood together. That’s what a best friend does. That’s what one is. So no, I don’t see that smile as someone who is getting over the death of someone that was a part of her in ways no one else ever had been before or likely ever would be again. I see it as her picturing the nervous, happy, dimpled young girl who walked that same hall on her very first day.” SOURCE

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    Last night… Well, I was having fun…

    Last night… Well, I was having fun…

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    Finalmente lo compré, pero justo cuando tengo que preparar una expo para portugués, why Orwell, WHY???

    Finalmente lo compré, pero justo cuando tengo que preparar una expo para portugués, why Orwell, WHY???

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    "Que la rebeldia nos bese siempre en la boca"

    "Que la rebeldia nos bese siempre en la boca"


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